Have you checked out my new podcast?

3rd June 2018

Ok, no excuse really for not posting on my website for nearly a year! What can I say, life takes over. However, I may have an excuse because I have been pretty busy with launching my new business and entertainment podcast, The after work drinks club, on iTunes and Soundcloud.

This new business podcast takes the insightful and humorous conversations that happen over drinks after work online to the listener. I am joined some of the brightest, most successful and insightful minds from around the world from Ghana, UK to the US!

Previous guests have included the first female CEO of a telecommunications business in Ghana (Lucy Quist), Features Writer of Cosmopolitan Magazine (Jenni Savin) Guardian Columnist and Author (Coco Khan) Author and Entrepreneur (Jessica Huie) and so much more.

It debuted in the Top 100 business podcasts on iTunes and peaked at No.77. Please subscribe, download, review and enjoy!


Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/user-6941833