Life and Career update!

20th June 2022

I am in disbelief that it has been THREE years since I last updated my news and blog section.

So here goes a quick run down of what I have been up to since then:


I am back on the saddle (hehe) and working on growing my business Girls Talk London full time. I am giving it my all because I truly believe that we can make a huge difference in women’s lives around the world and make the workplace BETTER. We have opened up an office in Lagos, Nigeria and now have a team of five wonderful GTL’ers and we are on a mission! This was not the plan, I really enjoyed having a side hustle and working in corporate until I literally HAD to leave and focus on the business. (This is the professional liner LOL I may do a podcast to give you the real tea later)

Girls Talk London now has a global community of women in 37 countries (jeeez) and we are off to Berlin, Germany to bring a pop up edition of the Black Girls Tech Summit in partnership with Zalando and Adan.

I am looking to significantly scale my business and was absolutely blessed to be accepted onto the HSBC ROAR programme.

HSBC ROAR, is a programme created in partnership with AllBright, to help female entrepreneurs supercharge their businesses to the next level through networking sessions and advice on topics like fundraising.

The Roar programme is designed to support female entrepreneurs across nine of the Banks main markets with experience, relationship management support, and also for them to work with a wider network of seed investors and VC funds to enable the entrepreneurs to take part in pitch days so that they can then grow their business.

The programme also includes one-on-one sessions with experienced commercial bankers the firm provides, and networking events with possible clients.

I am super grateful and excited to learn and grow!


I moved to London in October 2019 and absolutely LOVE IT! I used to travel 3+ hours a day into work so this has massively made me a happier and healthier human.

I started weekly therapy sessions every week all of 2021 and it changed my life! I would highly recommend psychotherapy for everyone at some point in their life. It has helped me heal old wounds, gain MASSIVE confidence and self-belief and understand how to navigate this crazy and wild world we live in.

In-between I have visited Miami and New York in the U.S two months before the pandemic and then during it managed to escape to Mykonos, Greece, Dubai and Ghana which the later was the holiday from hell (The rona got me!)

That is for now! Stay tuned to the website for more regular updates from me (seriously now I am at this full time I have zero excuse)

Vanessa xoxo