What you need to think about before creating your ESG strategy

27th February 2023

CNBC recently reported that the role of Sustainability Consultant was second in the most in-demand jobs according to LinkedIn.

The site shared that sustainability-related jobs have surged across the continent and are in the top five fastest-growing roles in Germany and France as well as the U.K.

The jobs and networking platform linked the shift to pressures arising from the climate emergency, cyber threats and the tricky economic environment, which makes it all the more important for companies to grow.

For me this is music to my ears, as 12 years ago I completed my Masters in sustainability & management and went onto work in sustainability as Head of Corporate Social Responsibility for an international law firm managing ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) reporting and strategy in 20 markets.

I have always championed the importance of companies prioritising their contributions to the world and economy. I am loving the focus on the role experienced and qualified consultants play in ensuring a company is successful in their ESG strategy and goals.

Here are my top tips on what you need to think about in your approach to ESG 

It is Broad

ESG or Sustainability is extremely broad, it is not just about climate change but all areas that require a business to contribute positively to the world and maintaining good responsible governance. The role of Head of Sustainability or ESG requires a wide skill-set and knowledge of all factors which includes environmental sustainability, governance, anti-corruption, diversity and inclusion, community, charity and social justice.

The art of stakeholder management

Successfully managing and influencing a wide range of stakeholders is an art and is key to succeeding in this role and executing your ESG strategy. You need buy-in, action and engagement of internal stakeholders such as your shareholders, People Leaders and staff alongside external who may include your customers, partners, NGOs and regulators.

What impact is your business making on the world?

Starting or amplifying your ESG journey can be daunting at first however, I would advise on starting to reflect and map out “What is the impact our business is having on the world?” and then review how to expand on the positive and reduce the negative

Commit to the long term

Businesses need to think long term when embedding ESG goals into your overall business strategy. This is not a trend and is here to stay , so thinking about the road ahead and the changes that could happen are key to achieving your goals.

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